Reserch & Development

New product design and development is more often than not a crucial factor in the survival of a company.

Argus Telematics has its origins in Research & Development. Leveraging the synergy of telematics market evolution, our R&D program constantly looks at ways to bring the technology available to the end user in the form of integrated products and profitable services.

Driven by marketing, we put the customer needs first, and invest resources only in goods that are known to succeed.

We have complemented our R&D with strategic alliances, engaging key partners and networks inside the industry, working in the following areas:

  • Fleet & asset management solutions
  • M2M electronic modules design and manufacture
Our R&D funding strategy is the result of combining corporation resources and federal government programs, carried out through the Science and Technology National Council (CONACYT). We are a research-oriented corporation focused more heavily on near-term commercialisation possibilities

In 2010, Argus Telematics and the Baja California State University (UABC) established a scientific research agreement, with the clear objective to speed up the investigative process and to close the gap between the academic work and market reality. The result of this collaborative agreement is a mutually beneficial formal relationship that has several impacts:

  • Combine knowledge to create new and innovative products
  • Develop of Specialized Human Capital
  • Technological transfer in both ways and through the network all way down to the end user
  • Academic Publishing
  • Develop of Intellectual Property
  • Systematic investigation, using a scientific method